We are what we feel, so it's time for each one of us to bring our emotions out of the closet! My experience is that when I share my grief or joy with you, both of us can be healed. And the first step is to know what I am feeling in each moment. The AWARENESS app is a sophisticated, effective, and wise way for just about anyone, anywhere in the world, to connect with their emotional intelligence, and to create a world-wide community of awakened people. Thank you, Ronit!
- Elizabeth Lesser, Cofounder, Omega Institute
Author of Broken Open: How Difficult Times Can Help Us Grow

Leave it to Ronit Herzfeld, massive-hearted, creative innovator, lover of humanity, to find wisdom in the simple: a way for humanity to wake up, a little bit every day, to their feelings, thoughts, sensations, to who they are, through the use of the ubiquitous iPhone app. It's nothing short of brilliant, and has the potential to take humanity to the evolutionary place it's going anyway, but possibly a good deal faster, possibly creating a quantum leap…
- Mitchell J. Rabin, M.A., L.AC., holistic psychotherapist, educator, eco-entrepreneur, A Better World, Founder, President, A Better World Radio & TV Host, Producer


Emotional awareness is one of the cornerstones of a healthy and happy life. In our fast moving, stress filled world, it has become increasingly difficult to hear our selves think, let alone know what we are feeling. The AWARENESS app uses cutting edge technology to intercept our hectic pace and bring clarity and peace into our daily moments. I applaud Ronit and her team for creating this brilliant tool and I know it will benefit many people."
- Rami Kaminski, M.D., Director and Founder - the Institute for Integrative Psychiatry

To really feel your own power and abilities, you must begin by spending time with yourself. But time can be scarce. The AWARENESS iPhone application creates a small space, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, to stop, feel and breathe — usually, just when you most need it. This ingenious little helper is like an angel sitting on your shoulder, encouraging you to be the person you truly are.
- Evan Bailyn, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder of The Evan Bailyn Foundation For Emotional Awareness

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